The idea for MADEINCONRAD is the result of the numerous trips I have made between L.A. and Montreal while working as a fashion stylist. Countless flights and connections, back and forth, from west to east, sun to snow, maple vs. palm trees.

My love for art and especially for illustration has always had a special place in my heart. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Very early in my life, I found myself inhabited by a desire to share my passion for art by expressing it through my illustrations.

The pursuit of happiness has always been an essential element in my life, and I believe that art makes the world a better place and makes people happy. So, it made sense to create a new brand based on this idea. MADEINCONRAD celebrates love, joy, and everything in between.

The items I create are accessible to everyone and come with the hope that they will inspire the same joy I get from creating them for you. The concept is based on limited, unique, and handmade designs. Each edition is created and sold exclusively through our online store.

Let them bring joy to your eyes and a smile to your heart, wherever you may be!